MLB Lineups & Injuries 10/28

Oct 28th 2022

Jay Persson

Each day, this column will provide projected and confirmed MLB lineups, as well as live updates of notable player statuses. Projected lineups will constantly update with up-to-the-minute information, while Confirmed lineups appear when teams officially announce starting lineups.

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Confirmed Phillies Lineup - Nola

  1. Schwarber LF

  2. Hoskins 1B

  3. Realmuto C

  4. Harper DH

  5. Castellanos RF

  6. Bohm 3B

  7. Stott SS

  8. Segura 2B

  9. Marsh CF

Confirmed Astros Lineup - Verlander

  1. Altuve 2B

  2. Pena SS

  3. Alvarez LF

  4. Bregman 3B

  5. Tucker RF

  6. Gurriel 1B

  7. Mancini DH

  8. McCormick CF

  9. Maldonado C