Tuma: 2023 Underdog Fantasy MLB Best Ball Rankings

Jan 28th 2023

Brendan Tuma

Updated March 20th, 2023.

Before we get started:

  1. This is the second run of my rankings for 2023 MLB Best Ball contests on Underdog. Eventually I'll be adding player notes and reworking the ranks as more analysis and research are conducted.

  2. My biggest takeaway entering The Dinger is that I don't necessarily want to be the first person in my draft to take a pitcher, but once the Strider/McClanahan/Verlander tier comes up I want to be taking SPs every couple of rounds (at least).

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    3. Late-Round Pitchers Are a Trap

Reach out on Twitter anytime, @toomuchtuma. Top 255 rankings are below.

The Google Sheet they're sourced from can be viewed here.

*Note if you want to upload these ranks into Underdog to use while drafting, you can go to the above Google Sheet link and download it as a CSV - reach out on Twitter if you have questions*

Reminder player notes coming soon!