Tuma: Underdog Fantasy 7th Inning Stretch MLB Best Ball Rankings

May 9th 2023

Brendan Tuma

Before we get started:

  1. These rankings are for 2023 in-season best ball drafts on Underdog Fantasy. Those who played on UD this offseason will be familiar with the format. It's our first ever in-season contest, though, so to an extent we'll all be navigating it together. Below are some strategy articles from the preseason that can serve as a refresher (or an introduction) for Underdog's format and scoring.

  2. Additional reading:

    1. Understanding Outfield Scarcity

    2. Aces Are Undervalued

    3. Late-Round Pitchers Are a Trap

    4. Should You Stack Hitters?

Reach out on Twitter anytime, @toomuchtuma. Rankings are below!

The Google Sheet they're sourced from can be viewed here.

*Note if you want to upload these ranks into Underdog to use while drafting, you can go to the above Google Sheet link and download it as a CSV - reach out on Twitter if you have questions*