2022 QB Fantasy Football Rankings for Best Ball

Feb 1st 2022

Hayden Winks

Underdog Fantasy has 2022 fantasy football drafts in the lobby right now, with our first 2022 best ball tournament coming shortly. So it's already time for 2022 fantasy football rankings from yours truly: Fantasy QBs - Fantasy RBs - Fantasy WRs - Fantasy TEs - Top 250 Overall.

The baseline for my rankings stems from Underdog Fantasy's 2022 ADP (you can always find them under the app's "Rankings" tab) and my 2022 NFL Depth Charts column. Check them out if you haven't already.

QB1 Josh Allen

Quarterbacks appear to be very undervalued on Underdog Fantasy, likely because the market hasn’t adjusted to the differences between full PPR and half PPR. Allen didn’t have a record-breaking season in 2021, yet finished 8th overall in Better In Best Ball Points Per Game. And the top-10 quarterbacks in ADP last year averaged a 19.1% advance rate, notably higher than the baseline 16.7%. As long as we don’t double dip on elite passers, I now think it’s in play to take the high-end quarterbacks in half PPR best ball. Underdog Fantasy ADP: QB1.

QB2 Patrick Mahomes

In a season where “the NFL figured him out”, Mahomes finished as the 25th overall player in Better In Best Ball Points Per Game. Getting a third pass-game weapon should be the offseason priority after retooling the offensive line in 2021. Underdog Fantasy ADP: QB2.

QB3 Kyler Murray

Christian Kirk, A.J. Green, Zach Ertz, James Conner, and Chase Edmonds are all free agents. If some or most of them return, an aggressive Kyler ranking is appropriate. Arizona was 4th in neutral pass rate and 7th in neutral pace, helping Kyler rank 26th overall in Better In Best Ball Points Per Game. This happened despite DeAndre Hopkins’ 51% snap rate. Underdog Fantasy ADP: QB5.

QB4 Justin Herbert

The Chargers’ offense was 7th in neutral pass rate and 5th in neutral pace, so Herbert cruised to a 22nd overall ranking in Better In Best Ball Points Per Game despite his RG and RT combining for just 343 offensive snaps. Re-signing Mike Williams or finding a quality replacement will be necessary to repeat as a top-five fantasy quarterback. Underdog Fantasy ADP: QB3.

QB5 Lamar Jackson

It was a lost season due to injuries, but Lamar has the best supporting cast of his career heading into 2022 with Mark Andrews, Marquise Brown, and Rashod Bateman all under contract. Because of that, they surprised with the 7th-highest neutral pass rate, something that elevates Jackson’s ceiling. Lamar was the 31st overall player in Better In Best Ball Points Per Game last season. Underdog Fantasy ADP: QB6.

QB6 Joe Burrow

Burrow is the exact type of quarterback I want to target. The offensive centerpieces all return, and if he beats his ADP, then I’m filling out multiple positions as I’m only drafting Burrow after selecting at least one of his teammates before. Cincinnati has the money to address the offensive line, too. Underdog Fantasy ADP: QB4.

QB7 Trey Lance

Jimmy G is likely to be traded, and all three of the 49ers' top pass-catchers are returning. Lance has Josh Allen-level tools and plays in the NFL’s most efficient passing offense relative to quarterback play. He has a QB1 overall ceiling and a high rushing floor if given the keys to the offense. Underdog Fantasy ADP: QB11.

QB8 Dak Prescott

Most of the offensive line is returning, and the Cowboys likely will at least retain Dalton Schultz or Michael Gallup as third options behind CeeDee Lamb and Amari Cooper. With this group last year, Prescott was the QB8 and 61st overall player in better in best ball points per game, but he need to return to pre-ankle rushing levels to jump a tier. His rushing yards per game dropped from 19.0 to 9.1 before and after his surgery. Underdog Fantasy ADP: QB8.

QB9 Matthew Stafford

His LT (retirement?), C, RG, and swing tackle are all unsigned for 2022, as is Odell Beckham. Stafford’s ceiling and floor will be based on how much talent the Rams can retain. With a mostly healthy line in 2021, Stafford was the QB11 and 46th overall player in better in best ball points per game. Underdog Fantasy ADP: QB9.

QB10 Aaron Rodgers

Another disappointing playoff bounce increases Rodgers’ odds of leaving. His contract is more tradable this year and the Packers’ “all in” window is closed with Green Bay heading into the offseason with $40.5M over the cap… without franchise tag candidate Davante Adams on the books. A trade to the Broncos, Browns, Steelers, etc. can’t be ruled out. Landing spot will be key. He was 23rd overall in better in best ball points per game, so I’ll move him up rankings once his landing spot is settled and retirement is ruled out. Underdog Fantasy ADP: QB7.

QB11 Jalen Hurts

Philly has three first-round picks in 2021, but Hurts has won over the locker room and has shown enough for Philly to really consider building around him or at least giving him one more year. Even if not the case, Hurts is good enough to start somewhere. He was the QB8 in better in best ball points per game in 2021. Underdog Fantasy ADP: QB12.

QB12 Russell Wilson

In a very down season due to injury, Wilson was the QB15 in Better In Best Ball Points Per Game, while averaging a career-low 13.1 rushing yards and 3.1 carries. The Seahawks' offense remained balanced and slow-paced as well, further lowering his floor and ceiling relative to other QB1s. A trade is possible, but Wilson would really have to demand one to finesse it, so the QB1/2 border is likely the new normal for the 33-year-old. Underdog Fantasy ADP: QB13.

QB13 Kirk Cousins → 66th overall in better in best ball points. Is a trade coming?

QB14 Trevor Lawrence → Toolsy player busted as rookie. Environment is key.

QB15 Justin Fields → HC, OL, WR, TE are all legit worries, but tools for days.

QB16 Ryan Tannehill → Massive splits with/without A.J. Brown. Julio will be back.

QB17 Deshaun Watson → Suspension with late-season return in CAR? PHI?

QB18 Derek Carr → Very underrated, but maxes out as upside QB2. Needs WRs.

QB19 Tua Tagovailoa → Limited, but only traded if DW comes with Flores out.

QB20 Mac Jones → Top 12, not top 5, potential if NE gets more WR talent.

QB21 Daniel Jones → Top-4 WRs are under contract. Daboll is dope. The OL isn't.

QB22 Carson Wentz → Low-floor QB2 but more potential if IND passes more.

QB23 Matt Ryan → Played well enough to be a QB2 in 2022 if Pitts/Ridley play.

QB24 Zach Wilson → Very concerning rookie year, but young talent around him.

QB25 Jimmy Garoppolo → He played well enough in 2021 to start somewhere.

QB26 Baker Mayfield → He maxes out as Derek Carr, but the floor is far lower.

QB27 Jameis Winston → After surgery, best case is he’s the 1A in a competition.

QB28 Jordan Love → Rodgers odds of trade are north of 50%. Love + competition?

QB29 Jared Goff → His contract keeps him DET. Will he get competition?

QB30 Teddy Bridgewater → He’ll be in a QB competition for the rest of his career.

QB31 Davis Mills → The Texans could pass on rookie QBs in a bad class.

QB32 Sam Darnold → It’s impossible to get out of his contract. QB competition.

QB33 Taysom Hill → He’ll be in NO, but likely behind Jameis or another QB.