WR & TE Situational Stats - Post 2021

Sep 5th 2022

Hayden Winks

Updated every Monday, this column will look at various stats that explain how WRs and TEs are being used by the NFL teams. I'm particularly looking for usage/efficiency near the end zone and on deep passes. The column is best viewed on desktop, where it's easier to use the filters located at the top of each page. You can filter by team, position, or whatever.

2021 Per Game Stats

2021 Situational Stats

Minimum 5 games and 3 targets per game to qualify.

  • "TDs Over Expected" are touchdowns over expected based on how far the team is from the end zone among other things. This is the basis of a lot of regression talk.

  • "Deep Targets" are 15 yards or more. These are both the most valuable and most volatile types of targets for fantasy points, so I included the catch rate on these deep targets in the next column. This is the basis of a lot of regression talk.

  • "Targets Near Sideline" are from nflreadR. The more targets over the middle, the more valuable and more consistent.