Best Ball Mania III Advance Rates - Underdog Fantasy

Dec 14th 2022

Underdog Fantasy

Good luck to everyone!!! And check out our $1M NFL Playoffs Best Ball Tournament!

Best Ball Mania III Advance Rates

ADPs listed below are average draft rate, not closing ADP for Best Ball Mania III only (min. 100 times drafted). As a reminder, 16.67% is the baseline advance rate from Round 1. There are 470 teams remaining. The first column is how often that player appears on them.

Backyard Best Ball Finals

Best Ball Resurrection Finals

Big Board Finals

Big Board But Superflex Finals

Big Dog Finals

Bulldog Finals

Bulldog II Finals

Dalmatian Finals

Great Dane Finals

Mastiff Finals

Pomeranian Finals

Pomeranian II Finals

Pomeranian III Finals

Pomeranian IV Finals

Pomeranian But Superflex Finals

Puppy I Finals

Puppy II Finals

Puppy III Finals

Puppy IV Finals

Puppy Superflex Finals

Rookies + Sophomores Finals