2023 Superflex Fantasy Football Rankings

Mar 31st 2023

Hayden Winks

We at Underdog Fantasy released our Superflex tournament heading into the 2023 NFL Draft. I wrote up a Superflex strategy column last year that still holds up, but I'll quickly summarize my thoughts on the format, particularly for best ball on UD.

Data from 2021.
  • You're not winning anything without quality QB numbers. Don't f*** around and find out. About 13 of the top-20 players in points over replacement are QBs each year.

  • QB-QB starts are totally viable, but I also like going elite QB1 (Round 1) and then having two mid-range QB2s (Rounds 5-8) to handle the QB bye weeks, to provide some injury insurance, and to add some uniqueness in playoff weeks.

  • Draft a QB4 if you didn't go QB-QB to start. Insurance QBs still project better than a WR9 in a roster with just 2 WR spots.

  • WRs lose their value the most in this format because there are 2 WR spots versus the typical 3. We don't need 8-9 WRs anymore. 6-7 is the key number now.

2023 Superflex Rankings