The 2022 Underdog Football Show Draft Guide (Volume 3)

Aug 25th 2022

Hayden WinksJosh Norris

The Underdog Football Show's FREE printable draft guide is here. Josh Norris and Hayden Winks will update their fantasy football rankings, target players, busts, and ideal drafts throughout August and early September as they grind the news and preseason tape. Their last update was on August 24th. Enjoy!

Uploadable Rankings

To upload onto Underdog Fantasy, save this table as a CSV. Then go to the Rankings tab on Underdog Fantasy, click NFL and find the "2022 NFL Season" slate. Drag the CSV into the dropbox and save. If there is an error, change the CSV column name from "ID" to "id". If you want either Josh's or Hayden's rankings instead of the combined rankings, simply re-order the rankings in your CSV.

Underdog Football Show Draft Guide

Download it as a printable PDF here. And remember, if you refer a friend under Underdog's "Account" tab, you get $10 yourself. Show off the goods during your in-person home leagues.