Underdog Fantasy's Weekly Winners Rules

Jun 28th 2023

Hayden Winks

Our latest fantasy game at Underdog Fantasy is “Weekly Winners”. 

In short: 

  • Week 1 is all that matters.

  • Week 2 is all that matters.

  • Week 3 is all that matters.

  • Week 4 is all that matters.

  • Week 5 is all that matters.

  • Week 6 is all that matters.

  • Week 7 is all that matters.

  • Week 8 is all that matters.

  • Week 9 is all that matters.

  • Week 10 is all that matters.

  • Week 11 is all that matters.

  • Week 12 is all that matters.

  • Week 13 is all that matters.

  • Week 14 is all that matters.

  • Week 15 is all that matters.

  • Week 16 is all that matters.

  • Week 17 is all that matters.

The benefits of Weekly Winners include:

  • new draft strategies (like wildly different)

  • less risk of ruin based on injuries or busts

  • less time than creating new DFS lineups each week

  • more days of quality sweat with leaderboards

  • more slates per season to realize your best ball edge quicker

Because the scoring resets every week, there’s less chance of total ruin based on injuries or busts. For example, when Cooper Kupp suffered his season-ending ankle sprain in mid-November last year, his fantasy teams were doomed in most formats. But in Weekly Winners, those big Kupp scores in September and October would be helping his drafters win weekly prizes. At the same time, a stone cold bust could be bad for 10-straight weeks before blowing up in Week 11. In traditional fantasy leagues, the bust’s team is eliminated. In Weekly Winners, there’s still a path to a big weekly prize, so every team has a chance even if the season isn’t going as planned.

Weekly Winners saves time compared to DFS users who spend hours every single week creating new teams. A Weekly Winners draft only takes about 45 minutes to complete, and that one draft suddenly becomes 17 DFS teams. (Plus, that 45 minutes in a real fantasy draft is a lot more fun than being in a spreadsheet grinding DFS salaries imo)

More importantly, Weekly Winners solves a massive priority for Underdog Fantasy: the sweat experience. We’ll have a weekly leaderboard, so you know just how many points you need to be in the money. Unlike traditional DFS contests, this weekly tournament will be live from Thursday Night Football to Monday Night Football. The new, fun dynamic that exists here is the team winning after Sunday Night Football will be sweating teams stacked up on Monday Night Football for a full 24 hours. In DFS, the sweat doesn’t last as long.

Weekly Winners also introduces new draft strategies because the prize structure is so different now that it’s paid weekly. We’ll have to debate how much to stack teams, when to stack matchups, how important bye weeks are, whether to prioritize players who project better in September or December, whether to pick one individual week to stack, or whether to stick with the usual best ball strategies while everyone else galaxy brains themselves in a format where no fully translatable historical data exists. 

I expect roster construction to look wildly different, too, because there’s no advancement required and we’re in the wild, wild west of galaxy braining. If you stack Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes, are you drafting another QB and TE? Do you have the stones to only draft 2 RBs while stockpiling the other positions? Are you reaching for very specific stacks because advancement doesn’t matter? It’s going to be fun to debate what’s the optimal way to attack this new game, and the best part is nobody is going to know exactly what it is going into its maiden voyage. Avoiding staleness is a company objective, and this should be big for the 2023 discourse. I can’t wait to watch your content and read your tweets on it all. 

For those with an edge in best ball drafting, this is a great format to grind, as there are now 17 slates in this season rather than the 1-4 slates in traditional best ball tournaments. If you can build teams with weekly upside better than the field (the point of best ball in the first place), then you’ll have more attempts to smooth out that small-slate variance and realize your edge quicker by playing Weekly Winners.

With that, it’s almost time to try it out. Use promo code ‘UNDERBLOG’ to get a $100 deposit match bonus for all new users.