2021 Better In Best Ball Points aka FPs Over Replacement

Feb 18th 2022

Hayden Winks

Fantasy points over replacement is a simple formula that shows how many points each player scored above the minimum fantasy starter at their position each week. The baseline numbers for 2021 were QB12 (18.0 half PPR points per game), RB24 (10.9), WR36 (10.1), and TE12 (8.9).

Let’s run through an example real quick. “Better In Best Ball Points” only count the fantasy points scored each week above 10.9 half PPR points for running backs, so if Gio Bernard scores 6.0 half PPR points in a week, then he gets 0.0 Better In Best Ball Points because those points wouldn’t be counted on almost all best ball teams. If Rashaad Penny scores 14.9 half PPR points, however, then he gets 4.0 Better In Best Ball Points for that week.

Better In Best Ball Points is a better player evaluation stat than advanced rates because advanced rate data can get noisy quickly due to stacking. For example, Robert Woods had a breakeven 16.7% advance rate in Best Ball Mania II even though he ranked 109th in Better In Best Ball Points Per Game this year on a 33rd overall ADP. Woods’ advance rate was that high only because teams who drafted Woods were more likely to draft Cooper Kupp (48.2% advance rate) and Matthew Stafford (26.0%).

2021 Better In Best Ball Points

Sorted by Better In Best Ball Points Per Game with a minimum of four games. Players not listed didn’t earn a single Better In Best Ball Point this year.