2022 Fantasy Football Top 250 Rankings for Best Ball

Feb 8th 2022

Hayden Winks

Underdog Fantasy has 2022 fantasy football drafts in the lobby right now, with our first 2022 best ball tournament coming shortly. So it's already time for 2022 fantasy football rankings from yours truly: Fantasy QBs - Fantasy RBs - Fantasy WRs - Fantasy TEs - Top 250 Overall.

The baseline for my rankings stems from Underdog Fantasy's 2022 ADP (you can always find them under the app's "Rankings" tab) and my 2022 NFL Depth Charts column. Check them out if you haven't already.

My 2022 fantasy football rankings are based on half PPR. I haven't studied the incoming rookie class yet, so the tool I'm using for a rookie projection baseline is GrindingTheMocks.com's expected NFL Draft position.

As for the rankings, I really paid a lot of attention to where the pockets of the drafts I liked best for each position when building out my top-250 rankings. For example, I didn't like the late-round quarterbacks this year, so I made sure to have the higher-ranked quarterbacks in a spot where I'd actually draft them in lieu of waiting for the late-round. On the flip side, I like the late-round running backs relatively more than the RB30s and RB40s, so they're ranked ahead of ADP.

Lastly, there's no need to reach multiple rounds early to get the guy we like ahead of ADP. We'll get that player near ADP most drafts if we want them, so we're punting value for unnecessarily reaching on a player we can just draft next time if we get sniped. Last year drafters lost about 7.0 points on average for every round drafted ahead of ADP. We should have player takes and rank players ahead of others, but we need to stay patient and still draft them near ADP.

Updated rankings on 2/16/22. Updated ADPs on 2/7/22.

1. RB1 Christian McCaffrey

Two-straight seasons of injuries lower his 2022 floor, but the ceiling remains intact as a 26-year-old and we are, you know, actually trying to win our leagues with these rankings. ... The Panthers will spend all offseason looking for QB and OL upgrades. Those changes and a fully healthy offseason will determine just how likely a full bounce back is. He averaged 22.0 half PPR points in his four healthy games last year, which only trailed Derrick Henry among RBs and WRs. In Ben McAdoo's final three seasons as play-caller in New York, the Giants finished 3rd, 10th, and 12th in running back receptions despite having sub-par talent, so we shouldn't have to sweat receptions this year. Underdog Fantasy ADP: 2.5.

2. WR1 Cooper Kupp

He had the most Better In Best Ball Points of 2022 (my favorite fantasy stat for building rankings), while averaging 21.4 half PPR points per game in the regular season. He followed that up with 5-61-1, 9-183-1, 11-142-2, and 8-92-2 receiving lines in the playoffs. Kupp did so by getting open at all levels in an offense that finished 4th in neutral pace and 5th in neutral pass rate. Underdog Fantasy ADP: 3.9.

3. RB2 Jonathan Taylor

Taylor (23 years old without an injury history) could easily be taken first overall after coming off a 3rd overall finish in Better in Best Ball Points Per Game. It's a very tight debate, but Taylor's elite 2021 season was multiple points per game worse than the peak CMC years and was just equally as good as Kupp's 2021 season. He needs either more receptions (2.3 per game) or a better team around him to break into that truly legendary tier. For now, he's the safest top-five asset in fantasy. Underdog Fantasy ADP: 1.2.

4. RB3 Austin Ekeler

Ekeler, 27, will be back in baby blue, and the Chargers offensive line should be better with more injury luck in 2022. Even if everything remains the same, Ekeler was 5th overall in Better In Best Ball Points per game, my favorite fantasy stat to summarize a season. You should take a look at the column if you haven’t already. Underdog Fantasy ADP: 5.6.

5. RB4 Derrick Henry

Henry has to stay healthy and continue running at outlier levels to beat this low ranking. He, of course, has a 1st overall ceiling though as arguably the most boom-bust first-round pick. Henry led all players in Better In Best Ball Points Per Game with 12.1 points over replacement. Underdog Fantasy ADP: 4.5.

6. WR2 Tyreek Hill

The Chiefs offense may never be as good as it was in 2018-20, but Hill is as bankable as they get among elite WR1s. Hill will be a 28-year-old attached to Patrick Mahomes, and his primary competition for targets (Travis Kelce) will be a 33-year-old in 2022. His “down season” resulted in the 11th most Better In Best Ball Points Per Game. Pretty good. Underdog Fantasy ADP: 11.4.

7. WR3 Justin Jefferson

The Vikings could save $35M if they trade Kirk Cousins, and there isn’t a viable passing backup on the roster. That’d be Jefferson’s worst-case scenario. The best case is that Cousins stays, they replace coach Mike Zimmer with an offensive-minded head coach, and 32-year-old Adam Thielen continues declining in 2022. Jefferson was 12th overall in Better In Best Ball Points Per Game. Underdog Fantasy ADP: 8.9.

8. WR4 Ja'Marr Chase

A strong finish led Chase to the 6th-most Better In Best Ball Points Per Game. This was despite the Bengals ranking only 12th in neutral pass rate due to a balanced start. If Tyler Boyd is released or if the Bengals vault into the top-8 in neutral pass rate next season, Chase could have a WR1 overall type of season. At the same time, he's the biggest negative regression candidate when it comes to receiving touchdowns. This is a tough ranking. Underdog Fantasy ADP: 7.8.

9. WR5 Davante Adams

The franchise tag awaits Adams, but another MVP season from Aaron Rodgers means he’s more likely to stay in Green Bay than anticipated. Even if Rodgers dips following a tough Divisional Round loss, Adams is good enough to ball with a below-average quarterback with few other pass-game options. He’s been top-4 in Better In Best Ball Points Per Game in two straight seasons. Underdog Fantasy ADP: 11.5.

10. RB5 Joe Mixon

The 26-year-old is on the books for $11.5M guaranteed in 2022, and it’s widely expected that the Bengals will be addressing the offensive line aggressively this offseason. With Cincy showcasing a very balanced attack early, Mixon finished as half PPR’s RB5 per game and the 8th overall player in Better In Best Ball Points Per Game. Underdog Fantasy ADP: 14.4.

11. RB6 Javonte Williams

The Broncos smartly took things slow during Williams’ rookie campaign, mostly rotating drives with Melvin Gordon. The veteran is unsigned for 2022, and there’s cap space available for Denver to aggressively target a high-upside veteran quarterback (read: Aaron Rodgers). If Gordon walks and a Russell Wilson-type quarterback signs, Williams has elite RB1 upside. He was 1st in the predictive broken tackles per carry metric (0.31) according to PFF. Underdog Fantasy ADP: 13.8.

12. RB7 Najee Harris

This comes down to which quarterback Pittsburgh brings in. They have $42M in cap space going into the offseason but also have to find RG Trai Turner (free agent) and RT Chukwuma Okorafor (free agent) replacements possibly. The three-down rookie was 14th in Better In Best Ball Points Per Game and half PPR’s RB8 per game last year. Underdog Fantasy ADP: 8.3.

13. RB8 Dalvin Cook

A league-winning RB1 in his prime, Cook will be 27 coming off multiple years of battling through injuries. A potential suspension stemming from a late 2021 domestic violence lawsuit looms, too. He’s one of the most boom-bust picks of the entire draft, especially with Kirk Cousins’ contract looking tradable if Minnesota wants to fully reset. Cook was half PPR’s RB7 per game last season. Underdog Fantasy ADP: 10.8.

14. RB9 D'Andre Swift

The Lions (inexplicably) extended Jared Goff after trading for him, leaving them with a $31.2M cap hit in 2022. This offense will largely be the same, especially with Jamaal Williams on the books, but Swift flashed a three-down skill set during his sophomore season and this offensive line quietly could be a top-10 unit. He was half PPR’s RB9 per game last year. Underdog Fantasy ADP: 18.8.

15. WR6 A.J. Brown

Ryan Tannehill, Julio Jones, and Brown are all likely returning given their contracts, and it’s just a matter of health for Brown to go nuclear one of these years. Brown was half PPR’s WR21 in his 11 healthy games last season on the third-best yards per route run versus man coverage. Underdog Fantasy ADP: 18.0.

16. WR7 Deebo Samuel

Only Ja’Marr Chase had more fantasy points over expected per game than Samuel in 2021. He was ridiculous in all phases on his way to a WR2 per-game finish in Half PPR. With regression working against him, Samuel is a bit harder to trust at a much-elevated ADP, and the 49ers’ passing numbers and red zone touches are also threatened with an inexperienced dual-threat quarterback entering the fold. I’m struggling to find receivers to draft ahead of him, however, and Deebo will be the featured player in this offense regardless of quarterback. Underdog Fantasy ADP: 13.2.

17. RB10 Nick Chubb

The Browns can keep Kareem Hunt for $6.25M or release him with $0 in dead money. If Hunt is kept, Chubb maxes out as a borderline RB1 until the quarterback play is better, something that’s possible given Baker Mayfield’s $0 dead cap hit if traded. Chubb, one of the three best pure rushers in the game, gets to run behind an offensive line that’s signed long-term. Swapping Cousins or Carr for Baker would do wonders for Chubb’s ceiling. He was 17th overall in Better In Best Ball Points Per Game last year with Hunt missing some time and the offense in general tanking. Underdog Fantasy ADP: 20.1.

18. WR8 CeeDee Lamb

The Cowboys don’t have Michael Gallup under contract, and he might be viewed as the top outside receiver in free agency. Going from three studs to two would be a win for Lamb, who was half PPR’s WR13 per game and 50th overall in Better In Best Ball Points Per Game last season. Underdog Fantasy ADP: 21.7.

19. QB1 Josh Allen

Quarterbacks appear to be very undervalued on Underdog Fantasy, likely because the market hasn’t adjusted to the differences between full PPR and half PPR. Allen didn’t have a record-breaking season in 2021, yet finished 8th overall in Better In Best Ball Points Per Game. And the top-10 quarterbacks in ADP last year averaged a 19.1% advance rate, notably higher than the baseline 16.7%. As long as we don’t double dip on truly elite passers, I now think it’s in play to take the high-end quarterbacks in half PPR best ball. Underdog Fantasy ADP: 25.5.

20. TE1 Travis Kelce

It’s very rare for a 33-year-old to be an elite producer at tight end, but Kelce has only missed two games since 2014, is in the No. 3 neutral pass rate offense, and is still attached to Patrick Mahomes. Kelce was 15th overall in Better In Best Ball Points Per Game last season, while seeing his yards per route run drop from 2.59 to 1.91 per PFF. A lower aDOT (8.9 to 7.5) is partly to blame. Underdog Fantasy ADP: 15.6.

21. WR9 Stefon Diggs

The Bills can save $6.1M by releasing 33-year-old Cole Beasley and 35-year-old Emmanuel Sanders is unsigned. Diggs could be in the No. 1 neutral pass rate offense with far less target competition. There’s some bounce back potential after a WR12 per-game finish in half PPR. Underdog Fantasy ADP: 15.9.

22. RB11 Alvin Kamara

I've moved him down with a suspension now in the mix. ... The cap-strapped Saints will try to upgrade at quarterback, but that’ll be a challenge and Kamara’s upside is attached to quarterback. His floor is in tact as an in-prime bell cow, however, especially with Mark Ingram going into the offseason as a cut candidate. Kamara, 27 years old this season, was half PPR’s RB7 per game and finished 9th overall in Better In Best Ball Points Per Game in 2021. Underdog Fantasy ADP: 21.1.

23. RB12 Saquon Barkley

It’s fair to question if injuries have zapped some of the game-breaking burst and he was half PPR's RB29 per game in 2021, but Barkley will have another year to knock off the rust of his ACL and gets a far better play-caller this year. Moving from Joe Judge/Jason Garrett to Brian Daboll should get him dozens of more receptions this season, and Daniel Jones should get this offense into the red zone more often based on coaching and better injury luck alone. Saquon will be 25 years old next year. Don't count him out yet. Underdog Fantasy ADP: 24.8.

24. RB13 Cam Akers

A 5.5-month Achilles tear return means Akers is simply built differently and should be near 100% after a full offseason to recover. Akers has three-down upside in a top-10 projected offense, especially with Sony Michel hitting free agency. It’s worth tracking if LT Andrew Whitworth (retirement), C Brian Allen (free agent), and RG Austin Corbett (free agent) bail, but Akers’ ceiling is high. Recency bias during the NFL Playoffs could be a blessing in disguise for Akers' supporters, myself included. Underdog Fantasy ADP: 27.8.

25. RB14 Antonio Gibson

J.D. McKissic is unsigned but could easily return given his complementary skill set and Washington’s flexible cap space. Going into year three, Gibson has yet to take over the passing-down role largely due to too many mistakes. His fumbles and pass protection have been issues. There is a range of outcomes, however, that he improves his usage and Washington finds a meaningful quarterback upgrade with top-10 money to spend. Underdog Fantasy ADP: 26.7.

26. WR10 Tee Higgins

His jump ball skills are perfect as a 1b attached to a quarterback that is willing to give his receivers one-on-one opportunities. Higgins was half PPR’s WR8 per game over the last 10 weeks once the Bengals began passing more. That strong finish led to a 34th overall ranking in Better In Best Ball Points Per Game across the entire year. Any missed games from Ja’Marr Chase would send Higgins to the moon. Underdog Fantasy ADP: 28.7.

27. WR11 DeAndre Hopkins

He’ll be 30 years old and is coming off an injury-filled season in which he averaged his lowest receiving yards (57.2) since his rookie season in 2013. The potential good news is that there could be less target competition with A.J. Green, Christian Kirk, and Zach Ertz unsigned. Underdog Fantasy ADP: 30.6.

28. RB15 David Montgomery

He’s averaged 16.7 carries and 3.5 receptions over his last two seasons, and the 2022 Bears have more upside than ever with Justin Fields taking over. Montgomery was half PPR’s RB16 on RB8 fantasy usage in 2021, and he's in line for positive regression when it comes to touchdowns in 2022. Underdog Fantasy ADP: 38.4.

29. QB2 Patrick Mahomes

This ranking is only reserve if we've drafted either Tyreek Hill or Travis Kelce in the first two rounds. Otherwise, we need to be out. ... In a season where “the NFL figured him out”, Mahomes finished as the 25th overall player in Better In Best Ball Points Per Game. Getting a third pass-game weapon should be the offseason priority after retooling the offensive line in 2021. Underdog Fantasy ADP: 31.4.

30. TE2 Mark Andrews

With J.K. Dobbins and Gus Edwards back, the Ravens’ No. 6 neutral pass rate is somewhat unlikely to repeat. Andrews will also have to hold off the potential breakout of Rashod Bateman. Still, Andrews’ TE1 and 13th overall Better In Best Ball Per Game finish makes him a worthwhile bet later in Round 3. Underdog Fantasy ADP: 24.4.

31. TE3 Kyle Pitts

The generational prospect became the first rookie tight end to clear 1,000 yards since the 1960s, and he did so while averaging 2.05 yards per route run (including an absurd 3.3 YPRR vs. man coverage which was 6th in the NFL regardless of position). If he had converted more than one of his 12 red zone targets into touchdowns, then Pitts would be a Round 2/3 pick. I’m not missing out on a potential TE1 overall outcome when the floor is already in place. A Calvin trade sends Pitts to Jupiter. Underdog Fantasy ADP: 30.3.

32. WR12 DK Metcalf

Which Russell Wilson are we getting, if we’re getting him at all? Metcalf was half PPR’s WR19 per game in a down season last year despite being an outlier touchdown scorer. This is an impossible ranking right now with more downside risk than upside. Underdog Fantasy ADP: 23.7.

33. WR13 Jaylen Waddle

Waddle was half PPR’s WR15 per game over the last 10 weeks of the season despite Miami’s No. 24 scoring offense and his own laughably low 7.1 aDOT, but there is some upside beyond that, pending offensive line and play-calling upgrades. Underdog Fantasy ADP: 27.2.

34. WR14 Calvin Ridley

NFL Network’s Mike Garafolo and Steve Wyche have hinted at Ridley and the Falcons parting ways this offseason. The Falcons are still in cap hell and could be forced into trading their star receiver, which would open up $11.1M against the cap with $0 dead money. On the flip side, trading or releasing Matt Ryan would result in $40M in dead cap and would only relieve $8M against the cap. Ridley was a top-5 fantasy receiver in 2020. Underdog Fantasy ADP: 40.4.

35. WR15 Terry McLaurin

The skill position group is all set to return, but McLaurin has his best odds of having a legit quarterback this year with Washington having top-10 cap space and the front office having pressure to win this year. McLaurin has the skills for a WR1 season if he gets any help from his environment. He limped to a 67th overall finish in Better In Best Ball Points Per Game last season because of truly awful quarterback play. Underdog Fantasy ADP: 38.8.

36. WR16 Mike Evans

Antonio Brown is gone and Chris Godwin will be expensive to re-sign as arguably the best pass-catching free agent of 2022. Even if Godwin is re-signed (which is a little less likely following Tom Brady's retirement), he could miss the first month of the season coming off his torn ACL. Evans remains in the relative prime of his career as a 29-year-old and was half PPR’s WR11 per game in half PPR last year. Who will his QB be is the obvious concern, but don't sleep on the less target competition. Underdog Fantasy ADP: 41.9.

37. WR17 Diontae Johnson

This comes down to which quarterback Pittsburgh brings in, and they have $42M in cap space going into the offseason. Johnson was half PPR’s WR10 per game and the 45th overall player in Better In Best Ball Points Per Game as the ideal fit with popcorn-armed Big Ben. Underdog Fantasy ADP: 35.9.

38. RB16 Ezekiel Elliott

This backfield will look the same, as both Zeke has $12.4M guaranteed in 2022 with an additional $18M in prorated money over the next four seasons and Pollard remains on his rookie contract. The odds of a more even split or an actual flippening are higher than ever, however, and Zeke was already only half PPR’s RB18 per game on RB13 fantasy usage last season. The lone case for a bounce back campaign in 2022 is that he played on a partially torn PCL (knee) for most of 2021. Underdog Fantasy ADP: 44.7.

39. QB3 Kyler Murray

Christian Kirk, A.J. Green, Zach Ertz, James Conner, and Chase Edmonds are all free agents. If some or most of them return, an aggressive Kyler ranking is appropriate. Arizona was 4th in neutral pass rate and 7th in neutral pace, helping Kyler rank 26th overall in Better In Best Ball Points Per Game. This happened despite DeAndre Hopkins’ 51% snap rate. Underdog Fantasy ADP: 58.2.

40. QB4 Justin Herbert

The Chargers’ offense was 7th in neutral pass rate and 5th in neutral pace, so Herbert cruised to a 22nd overall ranking in Better In Best Ball Points Per Game despite his RG and RT combining for just 343 offensive snaps. Re-signing Mike Williams or finding a quality replacement will be necessary to repeat as a top-five fantasy quarterback. Underdog Fantasy ADP: 45.3.

41. QB5 Lamar Jackson

It was a lost season due to injuries, but Lamar has the best supporting cast of his career heading into 2022 with Mark Andrews, Marquise Brown, and Rashod Bateman all under contract. Because of that, they surprised with the 7th-highest neutral pass rate last year, something that elevates Jackson’s ceiling moving forward. Lamar was the 31st overall player in Better In Best Ball Points Per Game last season. Underdog Fantasy ADP: 51.8.

42. TE4 George Kittle

The Niners could be bottom-five in pass attempts with Trey Lance, and both Deebo Samuel and Brandon Aiyuk are available to steal targets. Kittle has an elite ceiling, however. Underdog Fantasy ADP: 36.5.

43. TE5 Darren Waller

To bounce back, he’ll need better injury luck and Derek Carr to stay put in the final year of his contract (one that is very tradable). It’s nearly impossible to find elite tight end ceilings, however, so Waller deserves a second chance at a top-50 ADP. Underdog Fantasy ADP: 37.2.

44. WR18 Amari Cooper

The Cowboys probably don’t have the salary cap to re-sign both Dalton Schultz and Michael Gallup, who would likely miss the start of 2022 anyways. Cooper and CeeDee Lamb are set up for a big year after disappointing as the 55th and 50th overall players in Better In Best Ball Points Per Game last year. Underdog Fantasy ADP: 46.3.

45. WR19 Mike Williams

A volatile ceiling-game receiver, Williams finished as half PPR’s WR17 per game and 33rd overall player in Better In Best Ball Points Per Game last year. He’s unsigned now, but with receiver depth an issue in Los Angeles, it’s somewhat likely Williams gets smacked with the franchise tag if long-term contracts break down. He had a top-10 advance rate on Underdog Fantasy last year as a 7th-9th round selection and will be a stone-cold smash if his ADP doesn’t adjust. ... There's no reason to draft Williams anywhere near 45th overall with his ADP being this low: Underdog Fantasy ADP: 59.5.

46. WR20 Keenan Allen

2021 looked like the first year of his decline out of his prime. His yards per route run (1.88) and yards after catch per reception (3.5) were his lowest since 2014, so Allen, 30, is a risky pick in general. With that said, Justin Herbert was put on this earth to distribute fantasy points, and it’s unclear if the Chargers will re-sign Mike Williams and/or Jared Cook. Underdog Fantasy ADP: 32.2.

47. RB17 Elijah Mitchell

The only backs on the 49ers’ roster heading into the season are Mitchell and Trey Sermon. It’s clear that Shanahan prefers Mitchell’s speed to anything else, and this rushing offense projects to be among the most efficient, especially with Trey Lance opening up lanes. He was 32nd in Better In Best Ball Points Per Game as a rookie. Underdog Fantasy ADP: 50.2.

48. RB18 Travis Etienne

A full year to recover should be enough to get back to pre-injury form, and James Robinson (Achilles) is likely to start on the PUP-list. Etienne is most likely to be treated as a home-run threat running back a la Raheem Mostert, but I'm bullish on coach Doug Pederson and Etienne’s upside is tied to the new coaching staff getting the most out of Trevor Lawrence’s tools. Underdog Fantasy ADP: 54.2.

49. WR21 Tyler Lockett

Which Russell Wilson are we getting, if we’re getting him at all? Lockett was half PPR’s WR24 per game and the 43rd overall player in Better In Best Ball Points Per Game last year. Underdog Fantasy ADP: 48.0.

50. WR22 D.J. Moore

Worst case, Sam Darnold wins a quarterback battle in Carolina. Moore averaged 11.6 half PPR points on 13.3 expected half PPR points with Darnold last year compared to 9.9 half PPR points with P.J. Walker and Cam Newton. 11.6 half PPR points would’ve made him the WR27 if extrapolated to the full season. Underdog Fantasy ADP: 41.2.

51. WR23 Elijah Moore

The second-rounder averaged 15.2 half PPR points on 11.7 expected half PPR points in his seven games after the post-bye rookie bump when he began starting in two-receiver sets next to Corey Davis. Moore can clearly ball, so his ceiling comes down to if Zach Wilson can, too. Underdog Fantasy ADP: 49.4.

52. WR24 Michael Thomas

A Thomas trade would only save $2M against the cap and would come with $22.7M in dead money, so he’s most likely back with the team a year removed from ankle surgery. The Saints remain in cap hell, so most of their resources will be spent on upgrading quarterback and not their receiver depth. A massive target share is back in play. Underdog Fantasy ADP: 61.1.

53. WR25 Michael Pittman

The second-year breakout averaged 4.3 receptions in wins and 6.1 in losses because the Colts went so run-heavy with leads. Pittman was half PPR’s WR28 per game still, and there’s a far higher ceiling if Jonathan Taylor were ever to miss time. Indy will be bringing in more receiver competition this offseason, however. Underdog Fantasy ADP: 56.0.

54. RB19 Breece Hall (R)

I don't know anything about him, except that he's projected to go 57th overall in the upcoming NFL Draft per GrindingTheMocks. Underdog Fantasy ADP: 61.5.

55. RB20 Josh Jacobs

Jacobs was half PPR’s RB18 over the last 10 weeks with Kenyan Drake missing some time, but Drake will be back in Vegas given his expensive contract. It’s unclear if Derek Carr (tradable contract) will be, too. Jacobs was the 70th overall player in 2021 per Better In Best Ball Points Per Game, but there are many moving parts here. Underdog Fantasy ADP: 57.2.

56. RB21 Aaron Jones

Both Jones and A.J. Dillon will be back whether or not Aaron Rodgers re-signs. Jones was the RB14 per game in 2021 while splitting inside the five-yard line opportunities nearly evenly; Jones (0.67 per game), Dillon (0.71). We should expect Dillon to continue eating into the 28-year-old’s workload, and if Rodgers bounces, there will be fewer goal line opportunities for both backs. Underdog Fantasy ADP: 43.8.

57. QB6 Joe Burrow

Burrow is the exact type of quarterback I want to target (though his ADP has since spiked since I originally posted this blurb). The offensive centerpieces all return, and if he beats his ADP, then I’m filling out multiple positions as I’m only drafting Burrow after selecting at least one of his teammates before. Cincinnati has the money to address the offensive line, too. Underdog Fantasy ADP: 49.0.

58. RB22 James Conner

If Conner re-signs with Arizona (both parties should have interest), he’s being drafted far too late. Conner was 20th overall in Better In Best Ball Points Per Game last year and checked in as the RB2 overall over the last 10 weeks of the season when Chase Edmonds (also a free agent) missed time. It’s hard to find running backs with a three-down ceiling potentially in a top-10 offense this late in the draft. Underdog Fantasy ADP: 90.8.

What the hell is this James Conner ADP?????

59. RB23 Leonard Fournette

Fournette, Ronald Jones, and Giovanni Bernard are all unsigned for 2022, and the Bucs looked destined for a rebuild following Tom Brady's retirement. Two straight positive seasons for Fournette, 27, should give him a robust free agency market, and he has the three-down workload that we're looking for. He was half PPR’s RB5 per-game over the last 10 weeks of the season and the 19th overall player in Better In Best Ball Points Per Game last year. Underdog Fantasy ADP: 75.2.

60. WR26 Adam Thielen

Under contract for at least one more year, Thielen’s primary concerns are age (32), previous injuries, the potential loss of Kirk Cousins (who can be traded for $35M in cap savings), and the fact that his career-worst 7.6 YPT season came last year. The bull case is that he was half PPR’s WR11 per game if we only count his 11 healthy games. Underdog Fantasy ADP: 79.8.

61. WR27 Brandin Cooks

The Texans would eat $7.5M in dead money if they release or trade Brandin Cooks, so I’m expecting him back as their No. 1 receiver. He was half PPR’s WR23 per game last year, and Houston’s quarterback play is likely getting better in 2022 either via trade or more experience from Davis Mills. Cooks will be 29 years old. Underdog Fantasy ADP: 70.5.

62. WR28 DeVonta Smith

He was the WR30 per game over the last 10 games and it’s obvious on tape that he can play at a high level, but the environment is very bad. Philly was dead last in fantasy usage to their receivers in 2021 while issuing a run-first offense with Jalen Hurts, who has likely earned another year as the Eagles’ starter. His upside is likely capped unless there are major changes to the offense. Underdog Fantasy ADP: 52.9.

63. RB24 Damien Harris

Both Harris and Rhamondre Stevenson are back to compete for early down touches. Harris maintained the lead back role all of 2022, ultimately finishing as the 46th overall player and RB17 in half PPR per game. As long as the defense and offensive line are playing well, New England is likely set as a balanced offense with Mac Jones under center. Underdog Fantasy ADP: 73.4.

64. RB25 Devin Singletary

After Zack Moss and Matt Breida were phased out, Singletary averaged 16.0 carries and 3.5 targets on 80% plus snaps from Week 14 through the playoffs. Both Singletary and Moss are under contract in 2022, but his play down the stretch make him a heavy favorite to open next year as the Bills’ bell cow back. Underdog Fantasy ADP: 75.9.

65. RB26 Kenneth Walker (R)

I don't know anything about him, except that he's projected to go 46th overall in the upcoming NFL Draft per GrindingTheMocks. Underdog Fantasy ADP: 91.0.

66. RB27 Kareem Hunt

Injuries cost Hunt most of his 2021, but he was half PPR’s RB19 in his seven healthy games and always has a path to a top-15 overall season in the event of a Nick Chubb injury. Hunt’s $6.25M contract is all non-guaranteed, however, so a release or trade can’t be ruled out. Underdog Fantasy ADP: 98.6.

67. RB28 Michael Carter

Tevin Coleman is set for free agency, clearing Carter’s liftoff into the RB2 mix. Carter was half PPR’s RB15 per game on RB10 fantasy usage over the final 10 weeks of the season and looked like an impressive between-tackles rusher. He was 4th in elusive rating and 10th in yards after contact per carry according to PFF. The Jets’ offense and his size (5’8/199) are the primary hurdles for a full breakout campaign. Carter was 97th in Better In Best Ball Points Per Game as a rookie. Underdog Fantasy ADP: 65.5.

68. RB29 J.K. Dobbins

It’s a misconception that the Ravens use their running backs a lot. They’ve been bottom-five in expected half PPR points in each of the last three seasons, and to make matters worse, this coaching staff has used a committee approach in each of them. Dobbins has plenty of burst to make the most of his situation, but his injury and the overall set up of the offense work against him. Gus Edwards is under contract still. Underdog Fantasy ADP: 43.5.

69. QB7 Trey Lance

Jimmy G is likely to be traded, and all three of his top pass-catchers are returning. Lance has Josh Allen-level tools and plays in the NFL’s most efficient passing offense relative to quarterback play. He has a QB1 overall ceiling and a high rushing floor if given the keys to the offense. Underdog Fantasy ADP: 77.1.

70. QB8 Dak Prescott

Most of the offensive line is returning, and the Cowboys likely will at least retain Dalton Schultz or Michael Gallup as third options behind CeeDee Lamb and Amari Cooper. With this group last year, Prescott was the QB8 and 61st overall player in better in best ball points per game, but he need to return to pre-ankle rushing levels to jump a tier. His rushing yards per game dropped from 19.0 to 9.1 before and after his surgery. Underdog Fantasy ADP: 72.2.

71. QB9 Matthew Stafford

His LT (retirement), C, RG, and swing tackle are all unsigned for 2022, as is Odell Beckham. Stafford’s ceiling and floor will be based on how much talent the Rams can retain. With a mostly healthy line in 2021, Stafford was the QB11 and 46th overall player in better in best ball points per game. Underdog Fantasy ADP: 83.5.

72. QB10 Aaron Rodgers

Another disappointing playoff bounce increases Rodgers’ odds of leaving. His contract is more tradable this year and the Packers’ “all in” window is closed with Green Bay heading into the offseason with $40.5M over the cap… without franchise tag candidate Davante Adams on the books. A trade to the Broncos, Browns, Steelers, etc. can’t be ruled out. Landing spot will be key. He was 23rd overall in better in best ball points per game, so I’ll move him up rankings once his landing spot is settled and retirement is ruled out. Underdog Fantasy ADP: 81.0. 

73. QB11 Jalen Hurts

Philly has three first-round picks in 2021, but Hurts has won over the locker room and has shown enough for Philly to really consider building around him or at least giving him one more year. Even if not the case, Hurts is good enough to start somewhere. He was the QB8 in better in best ball points per game in 2021. Underdog Fantasy ADP: 89.9.

74. WR29 Chris Godwin

The free agent had January surgery to repair a torn ACL and MCL. It’ll cost him most of his 2022 offseason and could linger into September, but Godwin should be close to 100% towards the end of the year. Tampa has the cap space to franchise tag or sign Godwin to a long-term deal, but his QB situation is up in the air with Brady's retirement. Godwin was the 40th overall player in Better In Best Ball Points Per Game in 2021. That's closer to his ceiling at this point. Underdog Fantasy ADP: 55.5.

75. WR30 Garrett Wilson (R)

I don't know anything about him, except that he's projected to go 16th overall in the upcoming NFL Draft per GrindingTheMocks. Underdog Fantasy ADP: 81.4.

76. TE6 Dawson Knox

My favorite low-end TE1 value, Knox could face his worst target competition of his three-year career in 2022. Cole Beasley’s release would save the Bills $6.1M against the cap and only comes with $1.5M in dead money, while Emmanuel Sanders hits free agency. Knox was the TE9 per game despite having a quality five-receiver rotation. Underdog Fantasy ADP: 85.3.

77. TE7 Dallas Goedert

In nine healthy games after the Zach Ertz trade, Goedert averaged 10.0 half PPR points, which would’ve been the TE6 if extrapolated to the entire season. The former second rounder is a slight negative regression candidate, however. He only saw 7.4 expected half PPR points over that same nine-game stretch, and Philadelphia is likely to bring in more pass-catching depth this offseason. Underdog Fantasy ADP: 74.0.

78. WR31 Amon-Ra St. Brown

We truly love to see #YoungTrojansThriving. St. Brown broke out after having his role expand from slot-only to playing at Z receiver and lining up in the backfield as Detroit’s version of the Robert Woods role. It’s an amazing role to have and is likely here to stay, but there will be more target competition in 2022 as most of St. Brown’s production came without T.J. Hockenson and D’Andre Swift in the lineup. Underdog Fantasy ADP: 52.0.

79. WR32 Hunter Renfrow

The slot receiver was the WR13 per game over the last 10 weeks of the season with Henry Ruggs released and Darren Waller sidelined. Renfrow looked more explosive and fluid in his routes last season and can now play in 2-WR sets. Vegas will add more to the skill group this offseason and Derek Carr isn’t a lock to stay in town, but Renfrow is officially a legit player. Underdog Fantasy ADP: 65.6.

80. WR33 Marquise Brown

The returns of the running backs and the potential emergence of possession receiver Rashod Bateman lower the floor of Brown, who was the WR25 per game in 2021. Brown’s aDOT and overall production dropped in games without Lamar Jackson, however, so there’s still a ceiling to chase. Underdog Fantasy ADP: 63.0.

81. RB30 Clyde Edwards-Helaire

Darrel Williams is not under contract, but CEH hasn’t been given the three-down keys in either of his first two seasons, both of which have included injury stints. It’s unlikely that he turns into a difference maker in the pass game, so his ceiling will be harder to hit. With that said, Edwards-Helaire gets to run behind one of the NFL’s best run-blocking lines and will have a double-digit touchdown projection as long as he’s starting next to Mahomes. He was half PPR’s RB21 per game and 85th overall player in Better In Best Ball Points Per Game. Underdog Fantasy ADP: 88.6.

82. WR34 Drake London (R)

Drake London is a grown ass man and is projected to go 21st overall in the upcoming NFL Draft per GrindingTheMocks. Underdog Fantasy ADP: 94.7.

83. WR35 Treylon Burks (R)

I don't know anything about him, except that he's projected to go 20th overall in the upcoming NFL Draft per GrindingTheMocks. Underdog Fantasy ADP: 67.4.

84. WR36 Kadarius Toney

The highly-debated first-rounder didn’t play much as a rookie, but he flashed when he did. Toney had an elite 2.14 yards per route run while rotating from the slot to the perimeter. His broken tackle ability is potentially special if he can earn more snaps. Sterling Shepard (Achilles) is a cut candidate and would be unlikely to start in September even if he remains on the team, so a spot is likely open in the slot immediately. The biggest hurdle is surviving this unwatchable Giants offense. Underdog Fantasy ADP: 83.3.

85. WR37 Gabriel Davis

Cole Beasley’s release would save the Bills $6.1M against the cap and only comes with $1.5M in dead money, and Emmanuel Sanders is hitting free agency. Davis’ career 10.0 yards per target should earn him a full-time role on the boundary and earning targets will be easier with less competition in general. Underdog Fantasy ADP: 69.8.

86. WR38 Jerry Jeudy

This is purely a bet on the Broncos trading for Aaron Rodgers. Broncos reporter Benjamin Allbright tweeted that Rodgers "was coming here" and that the odds were over 50%. There's nothing about the contract that would prevent it from happening. If Rodgers cruises, Jeudy could be sent to the moon. Courtland Sutton had a slow season coming off a torn ACL, and Jeudy is now entering his prime. The difficult part is weighing his own performance versus the opportunity. He was half PPR’s WR72 per game in 2021, so this is aggressive. Underdog Fantasy ADP: 78.3.

87. WR39 Robert Woods

Woods’ contract makes him a lock for a 2022 return and his ACL tear happened early enough in the 2021 season to expect a Week 1 start this year. He will be a 30-year-old with Cooper Kupp, Van Jefferson, Tutu Atwell, and potentially Odell Beckham in house as competition, however, and he was the 109th overall player in Better In Best Ball Points Per Game before his injury. Underdog Fantasy ADP: 82.5.

88. WR40 Chase Claypool

The second-year flop was half PPR’s WR49 per game on WR33 fantasy usage in an offense that didn’t play to his big-play strengths. What happens at quarterback and his ability to get back on coach Mike Tomlin’s good side will determine if Claypool can ever reach his upside. Underdog Fantasy ADP: 88.7.

89. RB31 Isaiah Spiller (R)

I don't know anything about him, except that he's projected to go 52nd overall in the upcoming NFL Draft per GrindingTheMocks. Underdog Fantasy ADP: 99.6.

90. RB32 Rashaad Penny

The post-hype first rounder hits free agency after the best stretch of his NFL career. He was the RB25 per game over the last 10 weeks of the season (even higher in the last 5 weeks), and more importantly, finished 1st in yards after contact per carry according to PFF. Penny has earned a starting role on early downs. Underdog Fantasy ADP: 100.8.

91. RB33 Cordarrelle Patterson

The late-career running back breakout is a free agent, but it’s unclear why he’d leave the first play-caller that committed to getting him touches. Atlanta could also save $2.5M against the cap by releasing Mike Davis. Patterson was half PPR’s RB15 on RB21 fantasy usage and the 36th overall player last season, but he slowed down the stretch after pivoting from RB-WR hybrid to a more traditional hybrid. It won’t be a surprise if 2021 was the outlier season. Underdog Fantasy ADP: 105.0.

92. RB34 Tony Pollard

The bursty complement was top-8 in PFF’s elusive rating and yards after contact per carry in 2021 but was never able to unseat Ezekiel Elliott as the 1a. He ultimately finished as the 166th overall player in Better In Best Ball Points Per Game. Both backs are under contract – Zeke has $12.4M guaranteed in 2022 with an additional $18M in prorated money over the next four seasons – so this could be another “what could be” season, but if Zeke misses time, Pollard would be a top-10 overall asset. Underdog Fantasy ADP: 103.4.

93. RB35 AJ Dillon

Both Aaron Jones and A.J. Dillon are under contract for 2022 (with basically no way out), which makes Dillon largely contingent on a Jones injury when it comes to fantasy. In the 14 games together, Dillon averaged just 8.3 half PPR points. He had 25.8, 12.7, and 17.5 in the three games without him. That gap should tighten with Dillon heading into year three and Jones heading into his age-28 season, but Dillon most likely needs Aaron Rodgers to stay and Jones to miss time to really pay off. Underdog Fantasy ADP: 84.5.

94. TE8 Dalton Schultz

He has quietly eclipsed 615 yards and 63 receptions in two-straight seasons and has earned a massive pay raise heading into free agency. The Cowboys are tight against the cap, but Schultz’s receiving and blocking versatility is very important to Dallas’ scheme, likely making him an offseason priority. As a baseline, Schultz was the TE6 and 76th overall player in Better In Best Ball Points Per Game in 2021. Hopefully he stays. Underdog Fantasy ADP: 95.6.

95. TE9 T.J. Hockenson

A fine possession tight end, Hockenson likely doesn’t have the juice to be an elite tight end at this point. He’s averaging just 6.9 yards per target with a ceiling of 48.6 yards per game through three seasons. More target competition at receiver could negatively impact Hockenson’s 2022 targets, too. He was 80th in Better In Best Ball Points Per Game last year on TE15 yards per route run versus man coverage. Underdog Fantasy ADP: 68.4.

96. WR41 Darnell Mooney

The undersized receiver should be a secondary target in a functional offense, but he’s entering the offseason as the Bears’ clear-cut No. 1 receiver with Allen Robinson hitting free agency. Mooney, however, did have massive splits with and without Justin Fields in 2021. He averaged 8.9 half PPR points on 8.6 expected half PPR points with Fields compared to 11.5 half PPR points on 12.9 expected half PPR points without him. Fields should take big leaps in year two, but there could be a lot of prayer yards between the two. Underdog Fantasy ADP: 64.7.

97. WR42 Brandon Aiyuk

After exiting the early-season dog house, Aiyuk was half PPR’s WR25 per game on WR37 fantasy usage over the last 10 weeks of the season. That was near his ceiling if Deebo Samuel and George Kittle stay healthy, however, because Deebo was playing some RB and Jimmy Garoppolo was playing out of his mind during this stretch. More rushing and any drop in passing efficiency would be bad news for Aiyuk. He’ll likely need Deebo to miss time to re-enter the top-25 fantasy WR conversation. Underdog Fantasy ADP: 72.7.

98. QB12 Russell Wilson

In a very down season due to injury, Wilson was the QB15 in Better In Best Ball Points Per Game, while averaging a career-low 13.1 rushing yards and 3.1 carries. The Seahawks' offense remained balanced and slow-paced as well, further lowering his floor and ceiling relative to other QB1s. A trade is possible, but Wilson would really have to demand one to finesse it, so the QB1/2 border is likely the new normal for the 33-year-old. Underdog Fantasy ADP: 94.1.

99. RB36 Miles Sanders

Sanders and Kenny Gainwell are on their rookie deals, plus Boston Scott is a restricted free agent. In nine healthy games, Sanders was the RB36 per game, though he closed the year strong with three quality games before injuries took over. Sanders has juice as a rusher (5.5 YPC in 2021), but he’s been an inconsistent player in all three NFL seasons and has yet to hit 200 carries in a campaign. Underdog Fantasy ADP: 103.1.

100. RB37 Alexander Mattison

There are more moving parts in Mattison’s projection this year. Dalvin Cook had another year of injuries and could face a domestic violence suspension if the NFL’s investigation finds anything. He has better odds of insurance production in 2022, but the Vikings could just be worse if they move on from Kirk Cousins. Underdog Fantasy ADP: 131.1.

101. RB38 Rhamondre Stevenson

Damien Harris is under contract and remained the starter for all of 2021. Stevenson has juice, however, and had spiked weeks whenever the Patriots established a big lead. A Harris injury or a near even split would justify an RB3 ranking, even if the Patriots bring in a Brandon Bolden and James White third-down replacement. Underdog Fantasy ADP: 111.1.

102. WR43 Courtland Sutton

See my Jerry Jeudy (73rd overall) blurb. Underdog Fantasy ADP: 95.8.

103. WR44 Corey Davis

In eight healthy games, Davis was the WR31 half PPR points per game on WR40 fantasy usage. Most of this production came before Elijah Moore’s late-season breakout, but Davis’ X-receiver traits and $13M guaranteed money keep him in a focal point role in the offense. If Zach Wilson can sling the rock, Davis will have spiked weeks as there is little depth at the skill group behind Davis, Moore, and Carter. Underdog Fantasy ADP: 118.1.

104. WR45 Chris Olave (R)

I don't know anything about him, except that he's projected to go 21st overall in the upcoming NFL Draft per GrindingTheMocks. Underdog Fantasy ADP: 105.7.

105. TE10 Pat Freiermuth

The underrated second-round prospect was half PPR’s TE6 on TE7 fantasy usage over the last 10 weeks of the 2021 season. Freiermuth is a plus athlete with confident hands, and free agent Eric Ebron will be out of his way next year. If the Steelers can recruit a capable passer, Freiermuth has a tiny bit of a ceiling. Underdog Fantasy ADP: 108.9.

106. QB13 Kirk Cousins (ADP: 118.2) → 66th overall in better in best ball points. A reunion with O'Connell makes a trade less likely.

107. QB14 Justin Fields (100.8) → OL, WR, and TE are all legit worries, but tools for days.

108. QB15 Trevor Lawrence (128.6) → Toolsy player busted as rookie. Environment is key.

109. TE11 Hunter Henry (127.2) → NE’s best skill player. Just needs more volume to be a TE1.

110. TE12 Mike Gesicki (114.0) → Franchise tag is possible if long-term deal isn’t reached.

111. TE13 Noah Fant (116.1) → Baller when fed, but too many targets in DEN unless new QB.

112. WR46 Rashod Bateman (88.4) → 1.33 YPRR and being in a rotation year one was sad.

113. WR47 Tyler Boyd (103.2) → Half PPR’s WR27 per game over the last 10 weeks but injury-dependent ceiling.

114. WR48 Christian Kirk (109.2) → Free agent who is clearly best as a vertical slot option.

115. WR49 William Fuller (122.1) → Free agent. You know the drill.

116. WR50 Allen Robinson (92.9) → 29yo free agent coming off, by far, his worst season.

117. RB39 Melvin Gordon (118.4) → 29yo 3-down free agent. He wants to return. Does DEN?

118. WR51 Kenny Golladay (123.4) → Inefficient NYG X-receiver, but got the needed HC upgrade.

119. WR52 JuJu Smith-Schuster (102.1) → Free agent coming off two iffy/injured seasons.

120. WR53 Julio Jones (139.3) → BBQ pork hammies, but $13M guaranteed keeps him in TEN.

121. WR54 Rondale Moore (112.2) → Full-time player if Kirk walks. Low aDOT either way.

122. WR55 Robby Anderson (158.9) → Signed long-term before his career-worst year in 2021.

123. WR56 Van Jefferson (134.9) → Kupp and Woods are signed. Odell isn’t. Volatile pick.

124. WR57 DeVante Parker (145.1) → Likely back, but QB ceiling is pretty average.

125. WR58 Michael Gallup (120.1) → Enters free agency with torn ACL after calf slowed him.

126. WR59 Jarvis Landry (136.0) → Cut candidate. Capped upside is tied to QB play.

127. WR60 Jakobi Meyers (117.0) → Restricted free agent (likely back). Low ceiling slot.

128. WR61 Jameson Williams (R) (126.8) → Projected to go 25th overall in the upcoming NFL Draft.

129. WR62 George Pickens (R) (150.6) → Projected to go 45th overall in the upcoming NFL Draft.

130. WR63 David Bell (R) (128.7) → Expected to be drafted 46th overall in the NFL Draft.

131. WR64 Jahan Dotson (R) (157.1) → Projected to go 32nd overall in the upcoming NFL Draft.

132. QB16 Ryan Tannehill (136.3) → Massive splits with/without A.J. Brown. Julio will be back.

133. RB40 Chase Edmonds (124.9) → Both James Conner and Chase Edmonds are free agents. We’ll see where they end up. Both returning is possible. Between the two, Conner’s three-down workload is easier to envision. Edmonds is too small for that full-time role heading into the season even if he’s a more efficient rusher.

134. RB41 Chris Carson (160.6) → 28yo cut candidate coming off neck surgery. No Russ?

135. RB42 Nyheim Hines (192.1) → I want to be overweight on elite fantasy assets’ backups.

136. RB43 Darrell Henderson (178.2) → Akers is back. Sony is likely gone. Back to Cuff-land.

137. RB44 Chuba Hubbard (175.9) → Mostly played on early downs only as CMC’s fill-in.

138. RB45 Gus Edwards (150.0) → Backup on a team that quietly doesn’t use their RBs much.

139. RB46 James Robinson (133.7) → New coaches, Etienne’s return, and now an Achilles tear.

140. QB17 Derek Carr (133.7) → Very underrated, but maxes out as upside QB2. Needs WRs.

141. QB18 Deshaun Watson (112.1) → Suspension with late-season return in CAR? TB?

142. TE14 Logan Thomas (148.1) → QB upgrade is coming, and he has the ideal fantasy role.

143. TE15 Tyler Higbee (136.5) → Volatile TE2 as non-center piece in McVay’s offense.

144. TE16 Zach Ertz (122.0) → 31yo free agent. Re-signing in ARI makes most sense.

145. WR65 Russell Gage (138.8) → Free agent who showed more upside than anticipated.

146. WR66 Mecole Hardman (146.3) → Undeveloped slot insurance attached to top-3 offense.

147. WR67 K.J. Osborn (151.9) → O'Connell comes from 3-WR set background. Thielen insurance upside.

148. WR68 Joshua Palmer (130.8) → Mike Will and Guyton are free agents but could return.

149. WR69 D.J. Chark (124.4) → Free agent coming off lost season due to finger. Deep threat only imo.

150. WR70 Marquez Valdes-Scantling (183.2) → Always undervalued. Free agent, however.

151. WR71 Curtis Samuel (147.9) → Contract is guaranteed. Just needs to be healthy.

152. WR72 Odell Beckham (68.1) → This is what I had before he re-tore his ACL in the Super Bowl: "The 30-year-old hits free agency after a slow start and hot finish with the Rams. Beckham was weaponized in the red zone and on crossing routes as a No. 2 receiver. He has said he’d like to re-sign, but the Rams enter the offseason with $5M over the cap. Even if he re-signs, Robert Woods will be back in the mix for Los Angeles. In general, the good news is that he has some gas left in the tank."

153. QB19 Tua Tagovailoa (143.5) → Limited player who desperately needs OL upgrades.

154. QB20 Mac Jones (150.2) → Top 15, not top 5, potential if NE gets more WR talent.

155. QB21 Daniel Jones (155.0) → Top-4 WRs are under contract and got the perfect HC/OC.

156. QB22 Malik Willis (R) (176.3) → Projected to go 20th overall in the upcoming NFL Draft.

157. TE17 Irv Smith (154.0) → Should be ready following a meniscus tear. Conklin is a free agent.

158. TE18 Cole Kmet (133.8) → Inefficient in first two seasons and needs Fields to break out.

159. TE19 C.J. Uzomah (151.2) → Free agent with a near every-down role if he re-signs.

160. RB47 Khalil Herbert (167.5) → A skilled rusher on a team that was committed to a bell cow.

161. RB48 Kenyan Drake (215.1) → A highly-paid backup with a three-down ceiling.

162. RB49 Jamaal Williams (202.4) → Valued early-down grinder with some contingent value.

163. RB50 Kyren Williams (R) (128.1) → Expected to be drafted 91st overall in the NFL Draft.

164. RB51 Brian Robinson (R) (187.7) → Projected to go 105th overall in the upcoming NFL Draft.

165. QB23 Zach Wilson (151.7) → Very concerning rookie year, but young talent around him.

166. WR73 Wan'Dale Robinson (R) (181.5) → Projected to go 63rd overall in the upcoming NFL Draft.

167. WR74 John Metchie (R) (169.2) → Projected to go 77th overall in the upcoming NFL Draft.

168. WR75 Donovan Peoples-Jones (171.3) → Better in best ball WR. Could get a QB upgrade.

169. WR76 Nico Collins (165.4) → X-receiver with little target competition. Downfield player.

170. WR77 Tim Patrick (165.2) → All DEN receivers are back. Just depends on QB play.

171. WR78 Isaiah McKenzie (171.6) → Free agent, but Beasley’s replacement if re-signed.

172. RB52 Ronald Jones (166.6) → A free agent whose value will be tied to who signs him.

173. RB53 Sony Michel (192.1) → A free agent whose value will be tied to who signs him.

174. RB54 J.D. McKissic (214.0) → A free agent whose value will be tied to who signs him.

175. RB55 Justin Jackson (197.5) → LAC have enough cap space and the need to re-sign him.

176. RB56 Devontae Booker (239.1) → Quality backup to Saquon already with a 2022 contract.

177. RB57 Myles Gaskin (176.4) → The only signed MIA back, but they replaced him late 2021.

178. WR79 Laviska Shenault (143.2) → Power slot who couldn’t beat man in year two.

179. WR80 Marvin Jones (154.4) → Cut candidate. Ran out of gas halfway through ‘21.

180. WR81 Byron Pringle (173.8) → Free agent but was KC's No. 2 receiver at times.

181. WR82 Kendrick Bourne (148.2) → Meyers, Agholor, Bourne all back, but WRs are coming.

182. WR83 Allen Lazard (189.8) → Versatile slot restricted free agent. Most restricted FAs stay.

183. QB24 Carson Wentz (186.6) → Low-floor QB2 but more potential if IND passes more.

184. QB25 Matt Ryan (176.0) → Played well enough to be a QB2 in 2022 if Ridley returns, which ???

185. TE20 Dan Arnold (188.1) → JAX has few weapons and Arnold has the valuable slot role.

186. TE21 Evan Engram (181.7) → A change of scenario was necessary for the good athlete.

187. RB58 Zamir White (R) (220.4) → Projected to go 130th overall in the upcoming NFL Draft.

188. RB59 James Cook (R) (238.8) → Projected to go 107th overall in the upcoming NFL Draft.

189. RB60 Trey Sermon (218.9) → Only Eli Mitchell and Sermon are under contract in SF now.

190. RB61 Kenneth Gainwell (160.4) → Too tiny for big role? Scott is a restricted free agent.

191. RB62 Zack Moss (237.2) → Healthy scratched before, Moss has yet to show 3-down skills.

192. RB63 Jerick McKinnon (173.1) → 30yo free agent third-down back who popped late.

193. RB64 Raheem Mostert (178.5) → 30yo free agent with 9 games in last 2 seasons.

194. RB65 Mike Davis (239.5) → A cut candidate, but CPatt is a FA for now.

195. RB66 Samaje Perine (229.9) → Mixon’s early-down backup, but a cut candidate.

196. RB67 Chris Evans (234.9) → Athletic Mixon insurance option. Perine is a cut candidate.

197. RB68 Ke’Shawn Vaughn (198.7) → TB’s only signed RB. Team will be way worse.

198. WR84 Dyami Brown (230.9) → McLaurin, Samuel, Brown, Thomas all back.

199. WR85 Cedrick Wilson (158.1) → Free agent slot player who could be cheap DAL starter.

200. WR86 Marquez Callaway (189.8) → Fringe starter but only non-Thomas WR signed in NO.

201. WR87 Cole Beasley (198.6) → 34yo cut candidate who was in decline last year.

202. WR88 Jalen Tolbert (R) (231.9) → Projected to go 72nd overall in the upcoming NFL Draft.

203. WR89 Justyn Ross (R) (223.0) → Projected to go 86th overall in the upcoming NFL Draft.

204. TE22 Trey McBride (R) (174.0) → Projected to go 49th overall in the upcoming NFL Draft.

205. TE23 David Njoku (217.6) → A change of scenario was necessary for the rare athlete.

206. TE24 Austin Hooper (238.2) → Njoku leaving and a potential QB upgrade are positives.

207. TE25 Jalen Wydermeyer (R) (238.5) → Projected to go 60th overall in the upcoming NFL Draft.

208. QB26 Matt Corral (R) (209.3) → Projected to go 20th overall in the upcoming NFL Draft.

209. QB27 Jimmy Garoppolo (228.1) → He played well enough in 2021 to start somewhere.

210. QB28 Baker Mayfield (198.6) → He maxes out as Derek Carr, but the floor is far lower.

211. WR90 Terrace Marshall (201.8) → Could barely get on field as a rookie but some upside.

212. WR91 Bryan Edwards (208.9) → Current starter on perimeter but hasn’t done much.

213. WR92 Nelson Agholor (218.8) → Not a great fit with Mac but under contract.

214. WR93 Jalen Guyton (216.8) → Restricted free agent. Likely competes with Palmer.

215. WR94 Devin Duvernay (239.2) → Ravens rookie contract slot player with lots of speed.

216. WR95 Darius Slayton (236.1) → Rookie contract deep threat. Needs a QB upgrade.

217. TE26 Brevin Jordan (215.1) → Post-hype sleeper receiving TE in HOU.

218. TE27 Kylen Granson (239.0) → MAC is a FA. Doyle is a cut candidate. Receiver type.

219. TE28 Jonnu Smith (228.1) → Would need to get better or have Henry get injured.

220. RB69 Darrynton Evans (239.8) → Derrick Henry’s lone backup. Needs to stay healthy.

221. RB70 Eno Benjamin (239.8) → Rookie contract backup. Conner and Edmonds are FAs.

222. RB71 Rachaad White (R) (158.0) → Expected to be drafted 200th-plus overall in the NFL Draft.

223. RB72 Hassan Haskins (R) (237.9) → Expected to be drafted 200th-plus overall in the NFL Draft.

224. RB73 Tyler Allgeier (R) (214.2) → Projected to go 200th-plus overall in the upcoming NFL Draft.

225. RB74 Jaret Patterson (235.2) → Early-down insurance to Gibson. No J.D. for now.

226. RB75 Benny Snell (NA) → Snell was playing over Anthony McFarland. Both are back.

227. RB76 Mark Ingram (239.6) → A cut candidate, but a three-down backup if he stays in NO.

228. WR96 Romeo Dobbs (R) (239.4) → Projected to go 89th overall in the upcoming NFL Draft.

229. WR97 Khalil Shakir (R) (238.8) → Projected to go 82nd overall in the upcoming NFL Draft.

230. WR98 Alec Pierce (R) (238.4) → Projected to go 105th overall in the upcoming NFL Draft.

231. RB76 Boston Scott (238.9) → Restricted free agent passing-down back. Likely back.

232. RB77 D'Ernest Johnson (213.6) → Restricted free agent early-down grinder. Hunt cut?

233. RB78 Joshua Kelley (NA) → Jackson is a free agent, so Kelley vs. Rountree for now. A Bruin, though.

234. RB79 Darrel Williams (183.1) → A free agent who is simply not very good.

235. RB80 D’Onta Foreman (215.5) → Free-agent post-hype sleeper on early downs.

236. TE29 Robert Tonyan (186.3) → Hits free agency coming off a torn ACL. GB in cap hell.

237. TE30 Gerald Everett (200.3) → Free agent coming off highly inconsistent season.

238. TE31 Blake Jarwin (239.7) → Under contract. Schultz is a free agent. Some theoretical upside.

239. TE32 Cameron Brate (239.6) → Only TB tight end under contract. WRs likely weaker in ‘22.

240. TE33 Donald Parham (229.5) → Exclusive rights free agent. Likely back. Cook is a FA.

241. TE34 Albert Okwuegbunam (237.4) → Vaults if Fant is a part of a Rodgers package.

242. QB29 Jameis Winston (215.4) → After surgery, best case is he’s the 1A in a competition.

243. QB30 Jared Goff (211.3) → His contract keeps him DET. Will he get competition?

244. QB31 Teddy Bridgewater (239.1) → He’ll be in a QB competition for the rest of his career.

245. QB32 Kenny Pickett (R) (187.3) → Projected to go 12th overall in the upcoming NFL Draft.

246. QB33 Davis Mills (224.4) → The Texans could pass on rookie QBs in a bad class.

247. QB34 Sam Darnold (237.8) → It’s impossible to get out of his contract. QB competition.

248. QB35 Jordan Love (237.8) → Rodgers’ MVP campaign makes it more likely that he stays.

249. QB36 Sam Howell (R) (232.0) → Projected to go 21st overall in the upcoming NFL Draft.

250. WR98 Skyy Moore (R) (227.5) → Projected to go 200th-plus overall in the upcoming NFL Draft.

251. WR99 Tyler Johnson (235.8) → Potential cheap Godwin replacement. Versatile player.

252. WR100 Jauan Jennings (235.9) → Exclusive rights FA who likely starts in 3-WRs for Lance.

253. WR101 Braxton Berrios (198.7) → Free agent slot receiver with interest in re-signing.

254. WR102 A.J. Green (212.8) → Free agent who had fine but inconsistent 2021.

255. WR103 Jamison Crowder (221.3) → Free agent slot starter. Depends on landing spot.

256. WR104 D'Wayne Eskridge (238.1) → Quiet rookie season but a 3-WR set starter in SEA.

257. WR105 Sterling Shepard (188.7) → Cut candidate after tearing Achilles late in 2021.

258. WR106 Emmanuel Sanders (207.4) → Ran out of gas late in ‘21. Free agent.

259. WR107 Parris Campbell (238.4) → Injured, but slot is open with Pascal and T.Y. out.

260. TE35 Tommy Tremble (NA) → Intriguing prospect profile going into year two as starter.

261. TE36 Isaiah Likely (R) (239.9) → Projected to go 74th overall in the upcoming NFL Draft.

262. TE37 Charlie Kolar (R) (239.4) → Projected to go 99th overall in the upcoming NFL Draft.

263. TE38 Adam Trautman (225.3) → Inline TE who needs a QB upgrade. Vannett likely back.

264. WR108 Quez Watkins (234.9) → Rookie contract deep threat, but PHI will target WRs.

265. WR109 Jalen Reagor (237.2) → PHI could already be looking for his replacement.

266. WR110 Anthony Schwartz (239.4) → Speedy rookie contract WR in barren CLE WR group.

267. WR111 K.J. Hamler (217.1) → Torn ACL with "some other stuff". Currently DEN's WR4.

268. WR112 Amari Rodgers (240.0) → Rookie contract slot in GB. Cobb is a cut candidate.

269. WR113 Antoine Wesley (239.9) → Exclusive rights free agent. Likely back in ARI.

270. WR114 Antonio Brown (247.5) → Doubtful he plays, but who knows I guess.

271. QB37 Carson Strong (R) (NA) → Projected to go 42nd overall in the upcoming NFL Draft.

272. QB38 Desmond Ridder (R) (239.6) → Projected to go 43rd overall in the upcoming NFL Draft.

273. RB83 Jerome Ford (R) (231.9) → Projected to go 200th-plus overall in the upcoming NFL Draft.

274. RB84 Larry Rountree (NA) → Jackson is a free agent. Kelley vs. Rountree for now.

275. RB85 Anthony McFarland (NA) → Was playing behind Benny Snell. Both are back.

276. RB86 Kene Nwangwu (240.0) → Speedy No. 3 back in Minnesota with return skills

277. WR115 Laquon Treadwell (238.9) → Free agent outside receiver who drew starts post-bust.

278. WR116 Zay Jones (218.0) → Free agent outside receiver. Likely a backup in 2021.

279. WR117 Nick Westbrook-Ikhine (240.0) → Exclusive rights free agent. Likely back in TEN.

280. WR118 Quintez Cephus (238.4) → Rookie contract outside receiver with some NFL starts.

281. WR119 Jamal Agnew (231.6) → Brutal injury and not a scheme fit without Urban.

282. WR120 Tre'Quan Smith (239.3) → Free agent.

283. WR121 Deonte Harris (239.5) → Restricted free agent who is likely back in NO.

284. RB87 Jeff Wilson (230.3) → Free agent early-down grinder.

285. RB88 James White (233.9) → Free agent passing-down back.

286. RB89 Rex Burkhead (239.0) → Free agent early-down grinder.

287. RB90 Marlon Mack (236.1) → Free agent early-down grinder.

288. RB91 Latavius Murray (237.6) → Free agent early-down grinder.