A few big names aren't showing up for OTAs. Can they mend the relationship?

May 25th 2022

Charles McDonald

The NFL is starting to get back to actual football after an eventful offseason, but some teams are still trying to figure out what's next in regards to key players on their teams. Most of the guys not in camp right now are trying to get lock in their status with a long term deal or find someone who will invest in their skills.

Let's go over a few big names that aren't at Organized Team Activities (OTAs) right now and see what might be next for each player.

Lamar Jackson, QB, Ravens

Pay him? I don't know what the hold up is here, but come on. Tyler Huntley put together some solid performances, but he ain't a unanimous MVP like Lamar Jackson was. I would expect this deal to get done sometime in the near future, it just makes too much sense for both parties, no matter what the hold up is right now.

Kyler Murray, QB, Cardinals

Same deal as Action Jackson. Pay the man what he's worth. Murray has put up long stretches of quality quarterback play, even if the Cardinals fall apart in the second half of the season.

The Cardinals have a bonafide franchise quarterback now. They need to settle this situation soon in what is a crucial fourth season for Kliff Kingsbury and the Cardinals' brass.

Baker Mayfield, QB, "Browns"

Obviously Mayfield isn't in the Browns long term plans, but my question is: why is he still on the roster right now? At some point, the Browns need to scrap whatever lost value they could have gotten on a trade and get rid of Mayfield just to protect the health of their own team and organization.

He's locked in on the fifth year option this season. He's going to get his money. They already traded for the Nasty Man. Teams have no obligation to the Browns a solid here and take Mayfield off their hands. At this point, they should accept whatever they can get and move on.

Mayfield may not be at OTAs, but remember, the newest Collective Bargaining Agreement essentially ended the holdout. Mayfield would get fined $50,000 per DAY he doesn't show up to training camp. He might be pissed off at the Browns, but no one is that pissed off. Clock is tickin!

Jerry Tillery, DL, Chargers

I have no idea why Tillery is not at OTAs, but Chargers head coach Brandon Staley said that the former first round pick needs to perform well to have a role on this team.

There isn't that much information beyond what Staley said, but it is interesting that a player who is fighting for his NFL career at this point, a former first round pick, isn't at OTAs yet. This will be a situation to monitor moving forward.

Deebo Samuel, WR, 49ers

The 49ers and Deebo Samuel are stuck in limbo right now. Samuel, rightfully so, wants his money after being used like a battering ram during the 49ers' postseason run. Samuel, who asked for a trade earlier in the season, is stuck on the 49ers for the time being.

There's no telling how this one ends up. The 49ers still haven't traded Jimmy Garoppolo, even though that's a bit of a different situation. They don't seem to mind just holding Samuel where he is until there's a resolution that works for them, so we'll see how it goes.

Reminder, just like Mayfield, Samuel likely won't hold out from training camp because of the $50,000 per day fines for not showing up.