Top 250 Underdog Fantasy Best Ball Rankings

Jul 4th 2022

Hayden Winks

My fantasy football rankings are finally updated after going through QB, RB, WR, and TE positional rankings with Josh Norris on our YouTube channel. We have the rest of the month with very little news likely to hit aside from Deshaun Watson, maybe Baker Mayfield, maybe Jimmy Garoppolo, and maybe Julio Jones.

UPLOAD NOTE: When you download this csv change "Id" to "id". That fixes the uploading issue.

These rankings are specifically designed for best ball tournaments, which means I'm putting an emphasis on ceilings. In order to identify ceilings, it's important to grind player archetypes and how they fit in different structures. I added a column that loosely describes the type of fantasy asset they are, so you can find which players fit each build. For example, a robust RB team doesn't need a pass-catching RB type because their 8.4 fantasy points per game aren't going to compete with the early-round RBs. Additionally, I've shared my thoughts on when to draft each QB and if they should be a QB1, a QB2, or a QB3 in a 3-QB build.

We don't have to upload rankings to Underdog Fantasy if we don't want to (in fact, I personally like having the ADPs rather than my rankings), but you can save the table below as a csv and easily upload them on this page. While you are on that page, make sure to change your auto-pilot "Limits" to 2QB, 6RB, 9WR, 3TE if you're using my rankings. Otherwise, you'll get too many QBs early on.

In general, I'm higher than the market on QBs and lower on TEs. If I draft two top-15 QBs, then I'm sticking with 2QBs total most of the time. Otherwise, I'm on team three QB. At TE, I'm going with three almost every single time because I'm mostly below-market on the elite ones and like the upside in the double-digit rounds this year. Plus, there is more weekly variance at TE, so I like to ping-pong their ceiling games with more TEs.

In general, I think the RBs are a tad undervalued. We should still only draft so many of them, but I find myself drafting more teams with three RBs through Round 10, which means I'm typically drafting 4-5 RBs because I'm going RB relatively early. HOWEVER, I'm very much open to WR-heavy teams, whether it's true Zero RB or anchor RB. When I have a bunch of WRs early, I'm sticking with 6-8 WRs. It is contrarian and unlocked a high ceiling last year.

Ultimately, I like:

  • 2-5-8-3 (QB-RB-WR-TE) when QB and RB heavy early

  • 3-4-8-3 when RB and WR early

  • 2-6-7-3 when QB and WR heavy early

  • 3-5-7-3 when balanced early

  • 2-7-6-3 when extremely WR heavy early (Zero RB)

  • 2-4-9-3 when extremely RB heavy early (Robust RB)

The video below is the best one I think I've done when it comes to best ball strategy. It's a good blend of how much emphasis to put on historical data (there are varying degrees of small samples in best ball!) versus how much game theory to apply when drafting. You'll enjoy it: