Announcing The Incubator By Underdog Fantasy

Apr 7th 2022

Underdog Fantasy

We are so excited to share with our community a new project at Underdog Fantasy that has been months in the making. We’ve wanted to find a way to support our incredible network of partners for quite some time, and that’s why it is our great pleasure to introduce The Incubator.

Underdog Fantasy has grown significantly over the past two years, in large part with the support of our network of content and marketing partners. As we continue to grow and set high expectations for ourselves, we want to invest in our partners, helping the creators who have grinded and crushed it for us grow strategically, no matter how big or small their audience is.

With The Incubator program, Underdog will share the resources available to us as a large company with our members, as well as offering monetary grants, individual performance incentives, and the full support of our Underdog community as our members focus on innovating and perfecting their craft.

We are focused on creating long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships with all of our Incubator members, and we will be working closely with them on growing their audience as they continue to promote Underdog and our innovative offering of games and contests.

Allow us to introduce to you Underdog Fantasy's inaugural class of The Incubator:

Eric Crocker

After playing four years of professional football as a cornerback in both the Arena Football League and NFL, Eric Crocker began coaching and training athletes. As a nine-year-old kid, Eric would record NFL games on Sunday and rewatch those games throughout the week. His film obsession and playing experience gave him the gift to not only evaluate talent, but also coach it up. In 2017, Eric began utilizing this skillset on Twitter to evaluate and break down college prospects and professional players' film. From there he began covering the 49ers for Fourth and Nine which included articles and media credentials for training camp practices and regular season games. Striving to take his platform to another level, Eric created his YouTube channel, where you can find NFL Draft and 49ers content.

You can follow him on Twitter @Eric_Crocker.

Fantasy Stock Exchange

Fantasy Stock Exchange isn't a cookie cutter fantasy channel where they tell you who to draft and when to draft them. Their aim is to share their process and educate their audience to the point that they become better fantasy players. They strongly believe fantasy players are smart and sharp nowadays; they're looking for autonomy and like when their input and feedback is heard. 10 years ago, you could just put out a video on who to draft and people would listen, but times have changed. Fantasy Stock Exchange has made a ton of mistakes that have helped them refine how they approach Fantasy Football, and that's the goal of their content: to continuously improve how they approach the game. The same way an NFL GM or coach would approach their craft.

You can follow them on Twitter @FootballStock and @DannyFootball59.

Ron Stewart

The Ron Stewart YouTube channel is a bit of everything, from Best Ball to Redraft to Dynasty fantasy football talk. Ron is trying to break the mold of being in a suit and tie on ESPN like the talking heads you see today. As a 20- year old making fun videos in his Mom’s basement, he brings unique voice to the fantasy football space.

You can follow him on Twitter @RonStewart_.


Scomo has been a sports influencer and content creator for over 10 years. He delivers daily content on YouTube and live streams on Twitch. His content is mostly based around Madden NFL, MLB The Show, & current sports. Over the years, he’s been able to develop an amazing community to be able to play video games with and talk sports, along with other current events.

You can follow him on Twitter @Scomo843.


Swift is a YouTuber focused on providing high-quality tips and information for the Madden Ultimate Team video game. He uploads daily content with a positive attitude and upbeat personality.

You can follow him on Twitter @SwiftYouTube_.

Upper Hand Fantasy

Upper Hand Fantasy is on all platforms, but most of their content lives on Instagram (@upperhandfantasy). The IG content ranges from daily posts to daily Instagram stories from Faraz Siddiqi going over the latest news with instant analysis. The Upper Hand community is very strong over on Instagram. They are a must-follow for fantasy football fans.

You can follow him on Twitter @farazsiddiqi.


Vic, or as most people know him VictionaryHD, is a YouTube content creator that is guaranteed to make you laugh or you get your money back. Vic started his YouTube channel by complete accident, but in the process fell in love with how he can show his creativity and also reach millions! After Vic finally made the transition to full-time content creator in 2018, he has not looked back. He loves to make content on the daily basis and making everyone who watches his videos laugh or smile.

You can follow him on Twitter @VictionaryHD.


Zirksee is a Madden YouTuber who you can find new content from every single day! Zirksee does daily Madden videos, runs private drafts and pick’em slips every day on Twitter with fans, and is a huge Cowboys fan.

You can follow him on Twitter @Zirksee.