The Incubator by Underdog: Class 1.02

Feb 6th 2023

Underdog Fantasy

With a successful first year of Underdog’s Incubator program in the books, it was only natural that we run it back. Underdog Fantasy works with an invaluable network of partners to promote our innovative product and fantasy sports games. The Incubator is our way of building strong, long-term relationships with some of our most dedicated partners across the sports content landscape. In year one, we focused on two niches of our partner content in the Fantasy Football and Madden Ultimate Team communities. One of our core values is that sports are for everyone, and that is reflected in The Incubator through our expansion into new genres of content.

In addition to new Fantasy Football creators, The Incubator will now include partners who cover MLB: The Show, create “human on the street” content, and are all-around passionate about sports and the Underdog brand. We will continue to share the resources available to us as a large company with our Incubator members, as we continue to grow the Underdog community and the communities of our partners.

You can learn more about Class 1.02 of The Incubator by Underdog below.

Cook The Book

Biggy of Cook The Book strives to bring responsible gaming habits and strategies to new and existing players across the country through the Cook The Book community. He is a man of many talents. Whether that’s man-on-the-street interviews, memes, running milk miles (don’t recommend), or crunching numbers to find winners, he gives his content and picks 110% and loves nothing more than making his followers money and bringing a laugh in the process. Lock it in, let’s ride!


DaddyDimmu makes sports content on Twitch and YouTube that doesn’t focus on gameplay or skill, but is more based around comedy. He has built a tight community that just likes to have a good time, talk sports, and hit dingers.

Fantasy Football Advice

After graduating with a degree in accounting, Nick decided to take a chance and pursue his passion for football. He got a Masters in sports analytics and created his own company, where he blends the worlds of analytics and fantasy football together. He now posts daily videos on his YouTube channel during the summer and football season, while creating consistent content for his website. During the offseason, he enjoys working on research projects to give his subscribers the best experience possible.

Fantasy Football Fellas

Cameron, Tyler, and Lucas make up the Fantasy Football Fellas, a brand that strives to help fantasy managers win their leagues by making advanced metrics simple. They love diving into the nitty gritty stats to give managers the upper hand they didn’t know they needed. Their favorite thing about creating fantasy football content is getting to do it together as friends, all while building a community that also loves fantasy football and wants to continue growing the game. They don’t mind dominating their leagues and talking trash either.


A sports lover at heart, GoodGameBro is a dad of two who spends his free time creating content around sports and sports video games. He's collaborated with professional athletes like Patrick Mahomes, James Harden, Joel Embiid, and many more. Just don't bring up that time Harden broke his ankles! He also enjoys raising money for St. Jude Children's Research hospital and has helped raise over $120,000 for them to date.


Lauren loves football and is a huge Giants fan. She loves making NFL content that focuses on the fun side of football. One of her favorite things is interacting with her community during live streams of NFL games and enjoying the craziness of the games together. She enjoys creating content at games and interacting with fellow fans in person as well.

The Fantasy Football Show

Smitty has been in the fantasy business since 2003. He was on the world’s longest-running fantasy football radio show for 19 straight seasons, a show that bounced back and forth between NBC Sports Radio and CBS Sports Radio. He currently runs and hosts “TheFantasyFooballShow” on YouTube. He live-streams daily and does his very best to create more fantasy football and NFL content than any other YouTuber. He’s also known for going live whenever the latest NFL news breaks. 


Kyle is a content creator for MLB: The Show and the MLB as a whole. He likes to provide a variety of entertaining content to all of his viewers on Twitch, YouTube & everywhere else they choose to follow him. Although he chose a career path revolving around baseball Kyle is also a massive fan of both football and basketball.

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