Best Ball Mania II Downloadable Pick-By-Pick Data

Jan 31st 2022

Hayden Winks

We at Underdog Fantasy want to be the industry leader in fantasy football draft data for those doing research. All of our data is from paid entrants and the sample size is massive, so trends from our database will be more actionable than other data sources.

This year we have pick-by-pick data from every selection in Best Ball Mania II. You can download it, but the file is so big that we have to split them into four parts (and even that could cause some downloading issues).

Copy/paste these links into your internet search bar to download:

  • regular season (might be too big to download to Excel, sorry):

  • first round of the playoffs:

  • second round of the playoffs:

  • BBMII finals:

Here is what is included: draft_id (the draft room), draft_time (date and time of day), clock (fast vs. slow drafts), draft_entry_id (can ignore), tournament_entry_id (draft team id), tournament_round_draft_entry_id (also can ignore), tournament_round_number (1 is the "regular season", 2 is second round, 3 is semifinals, 4 is finals), player_name (I hope you can figure that one out), position_name, bye_week, projection_adp (just average draft position), pick_order (the team's draft placement), overall_pick_number, team_pick_number (round), pick_points (the amount of points this pick attributed to the best ball team in that round), roster_points (the team's total points in that round), playoff_team (0 if they did not advance, an id if they did).

I'll be posting my charts, analysis, and opinions on the, on the Underdog Fantasy YouTube channel, on The Underdog Football Show, and on Twitter (@HaydenWinks)

If you want some of last year's takeaways: